How Dentec X Works

Setup your X VR Headset in six easy steps.


The user get handed the X VR headset and put on comfortably prior to treatment commencement.


The operator will select from the control dashboard the playlist of experiences for the patient (Helpful with seniors and minors).


Alternatively, users can select the experience they prefer with no selection buttons required. They look at the experience for 2 seconds and it will play.


The users get to enjoy a selection of the best intended relaxation experiences in the world while he is on his seat.


Operators can proceed with the intended procedure while the users are immersed in their experience.


Communication with the users can be displayed through texts messages that appear on the user's video experience.


Benefits of X VR Solution


Users will enjoy experiences all the way from the hidden depth of the Caribbean islands to the majestic heights of Scotland mountains through certified content created specifically for relaxation and anxiety relief providing a one of a kind different experience for the patients.


Smooth users interactions during the operations with the tension levels highly decreased which leads to smooth interactions during and post the operations with ease of communications and discussions.

Non Pharmaceutical solution 

Providing the ultimate care to the users through a non pharmaceutical safe solution academically researched with proven very high success rates.


Backed by peer-reviewed research

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